Thursday, July 12, 2012

American Girl Accessories & Tutorial

I have been busy making some american girl accessories. I made my niece a blanket for her AG doll and some sandals for my other nieces' doll. I also made some stockings for my daughters doll.
Blanket was made using a fat quarter fabric. I used a fat quarter with minky fabric.
The sandals were very easy to make. I used black foam and stickers. I couldn't find the link to the video tutorial. Just google fave crafts youtube videos on american girl sandals and you will find a tutorial.
The stockings were the easiest to make. I used one of my daughters old soccer socks.
Cut the bottom of the sock off and cut through the center of the sock.
Sew through the bottom of feet and continue sewing until you reach the other side. Turn over and "voila" stockings for your doll.