Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Silhouettes - Tutorial

I finally had a chance to make silhouettes of my children.  I had the perfect spot too - right above my bed.  I love looking at my girls when I walk into the room.  Making the silhouettes was easy.  You just need a camera, children, black cardstock paper, canvas, black paint (optional) and background paper (I used an inexpensive bible). 

First, take pictures of your child, print out, trace and cut out of black cardstock paper.

Next, decoupage your background pages onto the canvas.  You can use scrapbooking paper, book pages or just paint the background.  I wanted to use our favorite bible pages so we used the book of Psalms, John, Ephesians, Galatians and Corinthians. 
Note:  At first, it was difficult tearing up the pages of the bible.  Once I convinced myself it was for a good cause, it wasn't so bad. 

Lastly, glue everything down.  The hardest part was trying to get rid of bubbles on the silhouettes.  I used a different cardstock paper that I found at walmart and I had a hard time getting rid of the bubbles.  Not sure if it was me or the paper. 

Overall, I loved the way it turned out.  My wall definetely needed a little something something to make it look pretty. 

Here is the before . . .

After . . .

That pillow is driving me crazy!  I should of fluffed it before I took the picture.