Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Chair Backer

I love traditions.  One of the traditions we do for valentines day in our home is put out mini mailboxes for each family member.  Throughout the day we each put in goodies and messages to each other.  After dinner we read our love notes and eat our goodies.  The problem with this idea is that the mini mailboxes get full right away and not too much stuff fits.

So, this year I wanted to make some valentine chair backers that could fit a whole lot of stuff.   I found this great blog www.ourscoop.blogspot.com that has a great tutorial.  So far, I have completed two bags and have three more to go.  Here is my work in progress (WIP):

Papa chair

Cassandra's chair (her bag fits on her special needs chair)

I still have Alexis', Isabelle's and mama's bag to complete.

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