Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Cake Pops Tutorial

I made vanilla cake pops for my mom's church fundraiser.  These cake pops were easy to make using the silicon heart mold I had.

First, bake a cake.  Check out Bakerella's blog for detailed instructions on how to make cake pops.  I made these cake pops with a vanilla cake mix.  After you bake the cake, crumble it to pieces.  Add some frosting (about half a can of frosting) and mix together well.   Roll into balls and press into heart mold.  Refrigerate for about fifteen minutes. 

I found this heart silicon mold at Michaels craft store a while back.  I also use it to bake heart brownies.

Carefully, pop out the cake pops and then dip a lollipop stick in melted chocolate and insert into heart.  Refrigerate for another fifteen minutes.

Dip heart pops in melted yumminess! Sprinkle goodness and refrigerate for another fifteen minutes.

Make sure to have a stand or styrofoam base to insert pops for drying.

Here is the finished product.  Pretty cute I say.  I also made a sign for my mom to display.

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